Just Routine


Just Routine

When I’m away from my son I obviously miss him and am thankful for the technology that gives us FaceTime but oddly enough it’s the day to day routine I miss as well.

Monday through Friday: he’s awake before anyone anywhere in three timezones probably. We get him downstairs where he’s distracted by telly while I make him breakfast. Usually a poached egg and toast then it’s a quicklook at his reading assignment, brush the teeth, a wash with a washcloth and into the school uniform. Feed the fish. Grab the school bag and walk him to school. I get a kiss and a love you daddy then he’s gone.

After school varies depending on the day. Monday is Funny Kids Club, Tuesday he comes home then straight out to swim lessons, Wednesday is hip-hop dance, Thursday is Blaze (don’t ask) and Friday he heads to the house of one of his mates and all the mother’s serve up dinner. When it’s not Friday it’s home for a healthy meal (really into watching sugar, salt, saturated fats the like lately)

After all that it’s a little more telly (currently into Netflix Troll Hunter) then a quick bath or shower, teeth brushed, into a sleep outfit and into bed where we read him stories, usually three. Then sleep.

Years ago if I had heard this my mind would’ve wandered off thinking about how I never want to hear such drivel like this again but what’s one person’s bore-fest is another’s routine and when I’m out of town working I get bored and I miss the routine.