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Written by Dave Fulton   
Saturday, 13 March 2010 12:07

March 13 2010

The problem with a blog is once you start you feel a responsibility to continue. My problem is not that I don’t have some of my own crap to throw onto the growing heap of personal opinions but rather I seem to have too much crap and I can’t seem to put in order what’s going out next. So here is goes: Recently I was having a coffee with a fellow North American comic, read Canadian. Let me stop there for a moment, to call him that would put him in with some of the other Canadians I run into overseas who feel the need to do whatever they can to distance themselves as quickly as possible from Americans. My friend is more than that. And as far as other Canadians go I hope they aren’t blowing random shit on America in an effort to further their careers but rather going for cheap laughs. What any North American comic living abroad needs to realize is most Europeans in the entertainment industry couldn’t give a crap whether you’re American or Canadian, either way you are not getting any work they can give to one of their own no matter how qualified you might be. Unless of course you’re a minority and if that is the case more power to you. If I was getting steady work as an ethnic minority or a woman for that matter I would go off to some secret room and have a good giggle just thinking about the possibility of somewhere out there some narrow minded white mainstream males are envious because they can never be anything more than that. And if such a mainstream idiot did object straight into my government recognized minority face I would hope to have the guts to stare them back in their face and tell them it sucks to be you for once. Damn, once again I’m getting off track. So I was having a few too many afternoon coffees with my north of the border comic friend in London when he pointed out that he noticed more and more comics are choosing to go on tour than work the clubs and in some cases even bypassing the club circuit and going straight to the tour. Again more power to them. If this new crop of comics can find an audience for what they’re selling without being subjected to some form of combat comedy may they rock on with their bad self. Granted they may never know the thrill of being in a rough comedy club with strangers who have made the decision to come out to see comedy, any comedy and they don’t know who you are or what show you’re trying to get on they just want to laugh and the big difference I see in the UK as opposed to North America is you better bring your game on really quick bucko or they will chop off your head and scoop out the goo that you thought was clever. They don’t give a shit that The Scotsman gave you 5 stars or you had 7 meeting with the head of comedy at the BBC. The people who come to comedy clubs come to see comedy. Any comedy. Unfortunately that may be some of the problem with the stand-up circuit in the UK. Supposedly everyone on the bill is more or less equal and if you’re the strongest one on that night you’re still getting paid the same or pretty close to the same as the guy who didn’t do as well. People come out to support the club and not necessarily the performers and as a performer if you want to start building an audience you can’t do it from the clubs like you can in North America. You have to go on tour. Now, does going on tour appeal to an old jokeslinger like me? Sure why not and I’d do it tomorrow if I had a bigger profile but I don’t for numerous reasons the least of which being I carry the wrong passport. So in the meantime I’ll enjoy the clubs and when the tour phase starts to buckle from it’s own weight and those comics have to come back to the clubs I’ll be waiting and you can finally start closing the shows for the same money I’m getting.


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