Grooming tips
Written by Dave Fulton   
Thursday, 22 March 2018 09:23

I'm the most low maintenance guy I know. Sure I kinda care about my outward appearance but in the past I mostly paid attention to how I looked in my never ending quest to meet women. As a matter of fact, pretty much any bad choices I made with fashion or otherwise was the direct or indirect result of me wanting to get laid. Am I embarrassed about some of those choices? Yep. I should not have grown my hair down to the small of my back nor should I have ever tucked my jeans into my boots or even wore cowboy boots for that matter but some gal at one time liked that so I fell for it. Fortunately now I'm past that, mostly. I try not to wear anything I'm not willing to sleep in should the occasion call for that and I don't nearly shower as much as I used to. However now that I'm a dad I need to set a good example. The big difference however is now I'm a dad to a little black kid who's grooming habits I need to set for him early on for many reasons not the least of which for his own personal comfort. It's all new to me on many levels of course but I'm learning plenty. His skin needs moisturizing daily so we rub him down with this amazing stuff called Hydromol. We add a little bit of Castrol oil to his hair (not the stuff you put in engines obviously but the stuff made for hair) to keep it from drying out. It works so well I'm using a bit of it on my curls. And his hair? I think it's amazing. It's a very tight curl and there's an order to it that needs to be maintained. Brush it, uses this sponge with holes in it to get the curl then use a pick which he refers to as the 'afro-comb' to pick out and even up the low and high spots. I'm pretty sure if I had done all that from an early age everyone now would think I'm still in my thirties or forties. Whatever. Then after we get his clothes on and his teeth brushed its a quick couple squirts of perfume. Not my call by the way, it came about as the result of him seeing mommy doing it. And not just any smell for my son, oh no, it's gotta be something from Penhaligon's. The fragrance he likes is £80 a pop! I guess this is what people mean when they say kids are expensive. It's not the feeding and clothes, it's all the other stuff. Hopefully by the time he starts favoring tailored suits he'll be making his own money. Unless he wants to start looking like daddy then I'm his man. Unfortunately I'm thinking he'll go with whatever the girls think looks good on him then he's on his own!


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